The competent legal advice on the application of tax legislation is the basis for the successful development of each business venture. The GD Law Team provides expert legal advices on a wide range of issues related to tax law:

  • Consultancy on various aspects of tax legislation and their application
  • Consulting services on tax aspects of company establishment, corporate reorganizations and restructuring
  • Tax planning of real estate transactions
  • Forming applications for tax registration and licensing regimes
  • Legal representation before local authorities and institutions
  • Legal consulting on double taxation issues, VAT charging and deduction, corporate tax, personal income tax
  • Legal assistance in local and international investing
  • Assistance in tax audits
  • Legal representation in relation to appealing fines and financial charges issued following administrative punishments act
  • Appealing any individual administrative orders or decisions, Bulgarian taxation sanctions and assessments, sanctions, issued by municipal and tax authorities
  • Legal representation in enforcement procedures
  • Representation and assistance within the scope of tax and fiscal proceedings and proceedings before administrative courts
Our team offers consultancy and legal assistance in all fields concerning tax legislation and is always available to successfully handle each case.


23 Hristo Smirnenski bul. , 1164, Sofia
Т.: +359 2 983 21 87 


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