The GD Law Team provides legal advices in the sphere of personal data protection.
In recent years the trend towards purposeful and in-depth regulation of personal data controlling and processing activities has been observed globally. The rights of users as data subjects are increasing alongside the obligations of data controllers and processors.
Our team is available to both business and consumers, by offering cooperation and consultations for problem-solving, process implementation, data protection litigation and enforcement of GDPR and PDPA provisions.
We offer offers a full range of legal services to natural and legal persons, related to:
  • Gap analysis
  • Drafting up of rReports on the lawfulness of personal data protection operations
  • Creating privacy policies, procedures and work algorithms
  • Drafting up of orders, declarations, instructions, contract clauses and agreements
  • Creating GDPR compliant records of data processing activities
  • Drafting up of privacy notices and Terms and Conditions for websites
  • Consultations for online stores and digital service providers
  • Legal advice on cross-border data transfer
  • Drafting up of codes of conduct and binding corporate rules (BCR)
  • Data protection impact assessment
  • Balance test for legitimate interest
  • Creating and implementing risk evaluation and management procedures
  • Processing data subjects requests
  • Regulations of data controllers and data processors relations
  • Issuing inquiries to data protection authorities (DPAs)
  • Legal representation before DPAs
  • Legal consultations on data subject rights violations
  • Submission of complaints about data subject rights violations
  • Compliance consultations on the implementation of new business  and marketing operations, as well as processing operations using new technologies
  • Employee training on data protection and cybersecurity practices
  • Litigation and legal representation before DPAs
  • Legal consultations on all matters concerning data processing activities
GD Law provides expert legal advices to the business, relevant and applicable at every step of the process of personal data processing - from the creation and implementation of the necessary policies and rules to their daily use and adaptation to the legislative changes. At the same time, our team advises consumers and offers assistance in exercising their rights and protecting their privacy as data subjects.


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