Georgieva & Dzhutev Law Firm consults its clients on all issues in the field of labour law.

We provide legal services to employers, as well as employees, regarding:

  • Drafting up employment contracts and legal job descriptions
  • Drafting up non-disclosure agreements
  • Giving opinion prior to conclusion or termination of employment contract
  • Preparing all necessary documents for conclusion, amendment and termination of employment contracts
  • Representation in labour disputes
  • Legal consultations regarding employee’s rights regarding overtime labour, holidays, paid and unpaid leaves, work accidents and occupational diseases
  • Representation before supervisory authorities, including  General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency
  • Filing requests and complaints with the bodies, supervising compliance with employment and labour legislation
  • Claims against unlawful dismissal
  • Litigation and legal representation in a court of law in connection with all employment disputes
  • Preparation and presentation of out-of-court demands to the employer for satisfaction of employee’s claims
  • Assistance in all other matters relating to the protection and exercise of rights and interests of both parties
The GD Law Team provides both individual consultations on specific cases and issues, as well as complete legal services to commercial companies in the field of labour law and employment.


23 Hristo Smirnenski bul. , 1164, Sofia
Т.: +359 2 983 21 87 


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