A good knowledge of consumer rights is the first step towards their successful protection. Georgieva & Dzhutev Law Firm offers legal advice and assistance in relation to the protection of consumer rights and interests.

Our legal services are related to the following matters:

  • Legal analysis and amendment of contracts, including distance contracts
  • Reclamation of goods and services
  • Unfair terms and conditions in consumer contracts
  • Unfair and damaging commercial practices
  • Ambiguous contract interpretation
  • Termination of contracts
  • Liabilities and compensations for damages caused by products with defects
  • Invalid commercial guarantee contestment
  • Legal assistance and representation in out-of-court settlements in consumer disputes
  • Assistance with conciliation procedures before the Commission on consumer protection
  • Submitting complaints to the supervisory authorities
  • Representation before the Commision on consumer protection and courts of law in all relevant proceedings
  • Legal advice and representation in proceedings regarding pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage compensation
  • Individual and collective claims related to infringements of consumer rights
The GD Law Team provides its expertise in consumer rights protection by translating and interpreting ambiguous and misleading contractual clauses and raising consumer rights awareness.


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