This is our Privacy Policy where we demonstrate the way we collect and control data subject’s personal data. Out contact details are presented as well. 


What personal data do we collect

For an optimal presentation of the website our informational system requires some information about you.

Sometimes it may be necessary to share with us some of the following categories of personal data: 1) two names, 2) valid e-mail address, 3) telephone number, 4) physical address for correspondence or 5) some additional data, which the user chooses to share. When enforcing your right we will be obliged to control your data for that specific reason.  

Some functionalities of the website might collect the following information as well: 1)IP address, 2) browser type, 3) language preferences, 4) device type on which the website is being served, 5) time spent on the website, 6) OS type.


How we collect data

Personal data of website user might be provided personally by the users themselves or automatically via “cookies” and/or other such technological solutions. 


Purpose, legal grounds and retention period

We control the data mentioned above on the following legal grounds and under the specific conditions set hereinafter:


Data category

Collection means


Legal ground


1. IP address

2. Browser type

3. Language preferences

4. Device type

5. Time spent

6. OS type

By using the website



Providing full functionality of the website

art 6, par. 1(b) - carrying out contractual obligations

2 years

1. Two names

2. Phone or e-mail

3.Physical address for correspondence 

By users themselves and/or via contact form

Official, normative and/or system notifications and legal purposes

art 6, par. 1(c) - legal obligation of the administrator 

2 years

1. Two names

2. email

By users themselves


art 6, par. 1(a) - consent

Upon revocation



We keep our users’ data safe and sound. We use cryptography and proportionate technical and organisational means for personal data protection. Only authorised personnel with high expertise has access to respective data registers and data base.  


Who we share data with

Our law firm does not share personal data of their website users with third persons. 

However, in certain circumstances we are obliged to provide access and/or share your personal data with special state authority (such as administration, court or enforcement) under art 6, par. 1(c) of the GDPR, when that is necessary for solving legal disputes, it is set in law of required to prevent fraud or criminal activity.


Personal data rights 

Our website users are data subjects under the GDPRS. As such the former are granted with the following rights: a) Right to be informed, b) Right of access their data, c) Right to rectification, d) Right to erasure, e) Right to restrict processing, f)  Right to data portability, g) Right to object, j) Right to submit a complaint. (For further information see art. 12-22 GDPR here


You can learn more about your online rights and how to manage them on the website of the European Data Protection Supervisor or on the website of the Supervisory Authority for Bulgaria.


Our website users can enforce their rights anytime. For that purpose it is necessary to send us a letter or an e-mail to the addresses pointed out below. For your facilitation you can use our standard request form


Administrator’s contact details


“Georgieva and Dzhutev” Law Firm 


17, “F.J.Curie” Str., block 2, floor 9, ap. 17, 1113, Sofia, Bulgaria




Svetlana Georgieva and Dimitar Dzhutev 


+359 2 983 2187


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Supervisory Authority for Bulgaria


Commission for Personal Data Protection 


2 “Tsvetan Lazarov” blvd., 1592, Sofia, Bulgaria


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


+ 359 2 9153518


In case there are any further question about the present policy you can send us a request via e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 










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