The values and ideas we stand for

For us Law is a mission – to make the world a better and safer place, where people could prosper and develop freely. As Law and the legal profession are instruments of order, we believe that with our efforts and energy we give our modest contribution to that goal.
In our common practice we have developed many skills, among which stand structural organisation, creativity, management and communication. We aim at improving those on a daily basis.
For the last years our team has worked on a large number of projects with international companies and their representatives from more than ten nationalities. We enjoy successfully executed projects and excellent partnership.

Who we are?
We are a team of people with common view, gathered around the fundamental right to justice. With us the wisdom of experience unites with the impulse of the new beginning. We are devoted to sustainable development and dynamic adaptation to permanent changes.


23 Hristo Smirnenski bul. , 1164, Sofia
Т.: +359 2 983 21 87 


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